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Zierdt Road West Huntsville Area

The Zeirdt Road West Huntsville is located in West Huntsville and borders Madison City limits and Redstone Arsenal.

Shopping and Dining

This area consists mostly of custom home neighborhoods with some minimal shopping conveniences. There are few restaurant choices, however, this area is nestled between the city of Madison and the Research Park area, which offer a wide array of restaurants and shopping experiences all within a few minutes drive.

Parks and Recreation

The Zeirdt Road West Huntsville is so named because it houses a portion of Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge. This 35,000 acre refuge was started in 1938 to provide a habitat for migrating birds. It has 5 nature trails for hiking and observing the many species of waterfowl, birds, reptiles, and amphibians that dwell there, as well as, the myriad of plant life.

A portion of the Tennessee River also runs through this area marking the Morgan County line. It provides an outlet for fishing and water sports in a convenient location. If golf is more your idea of relaxing, you can enjoy the Sunset Landing Golf Course just minutes from your door.


The Zeirdt Road West Huntsville is relatively new, consisting mostly of custom built homes from the late 80's to today, with new construction opportunities being ample, in well planned communities which take full advantage of their natural surroundings. Communities such as Edgewater, constructed on the banks of Lady Ann Lake, or the Lake Forest community which offer their residents easy access to the natural beauty surrounding them.

Wyle and the Boeing Company are most notably nearby and Redstone Arsenal Gate 7. However, Research Park is easily accessible from this area, as well.


Schools for this area include Williams Elementary, Williams Middle, and Columbia High School.

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