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Huntsville North

Huntsville North is conveniently located to several main arteries in, out, and around Huntsville. Because of this unique quality, Huntsville North has marked more than one growth surge in Huntsville's history.

Shopping and Dining

The area of Huntsville North experienced a growth surge in the 1980's when Huntsville began to grow expeditiously to the west. HWY 72 was the gateway for this growth. Soon, this strip of highway, also known as University Drive, became the place to go for dinner and shopping. Though Huntsville has continued to grow and spread there is still a good variety of restaurants to enjoy such as Olive Garden and Dreamland Barbecue. This area also has many strip malls and businesses as well as Madison Square Mall, the largest, of only 2 indoor shopping malls in Huntsville.

Parks and Recreation

Huntsville North has nothing to be shy about when it comes to its' parks and green space. In addition to its' recreational parks and Huntsville Country Club Golf Course, there is also Wade Mountain Nature Preserve. It is located at the northern tip of Huntsville North and boasts 843 acres of beautiful Land Trust Preserve. You can take your bike or hike its' 8.5 miles of trails; but, you can also ride horses on this property. Horses are not allowed on any other Land Trust Preserve.

Home Styles

Homes in this area represent a time during the 1950's and 1960's when much growth was taking place due to the success of Redstone Arsenal and NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center located in Huntsville. As such, it is full of sprawling neighborhoods inundated with ranch and split level homes that were popular at that time.


In addition to several elementary and middle schools and Johnson High School, Huntsville North is also home to Oakwood UniversityA&M University, and Drake State Technical College.

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